Thursday, July 31, 2008

so we've been a tad bit lax on the posting

The truth is that I don't think either of us wanted to put up a post saying our summer is over. While we may be back from our epic road trip, our travels continue. Jeana and I drove back to Michigan after one last stop off in Greensboro to visit Justin, meet his family and have some more of that sickening waffle house food. Pictures from all of these lovely events will follow shortly.

After our last push, which Jeana will have to tell about (I was passed out asleep) we parted ways in Fenton. Where she is and what she's doing, I can't say. She'll have to.

For my part, I spent a relaxing (cough) week up north on Torch Lake with my family. We boated, got sunburned, boated some more and amused ourselves with the dogs. After the vacation with my family I immediately headed out to Chicago with my father. What was supposed to be a two or three day trip turned into a week long jaunt with some other friends who were in town for Unity. Since then I've been bumming around in East Lansing, spending time with good people and being generally relaxed.

Saturday Jeana and I move into our new apartment, which I haven't yet seen but am assured is gorgeous. I'm excited to be back in town, to see old friends, to start hosting parties and to TA at MIPA next week. Things here are much as I left them, and while that's comforting to have a place to come back to, I find myself wondering what the farm kids are up to, or what weird thing is happening to Justin. The mountains have forever a place in my heart.

I love traveling. The experiences I've had this summer have been life changing, and the people beyond words. It's good to be back in East Lansing, but I don't really feel like this one place is my home anymore. As cliche as it is to say, home really is where your heart lies.

So let me say I miss you all. Thank you for being my home.