Tuesday, June 10, 2008

32 hours into food poisoning

I should have stayed on the farm. One day back in the city and I'm ill out of my mind. I equate this to a bad spirit quest. Last night, while dreaming in delirium, I met my spirit animal. It's a wolf, and not a pretty one either. It's gnarly and its coat looks like shredded tree bark. It lead me through yellow and orange caverns into the dark.

I hope I'm never this sick again.

Thank you Justin for letting me set up a bed inside your bathroom. Thank you Katie for being awesome.

I am under the weather, but hope to be back up again soon.


Nicholas Richer said...

get that Canis lupus out of your system, Jeana — feel better soon!

thinking of both of you,


Nathan Clendenin said...

get better!

Jolie said...

Bear hug. And smooches. And hopes that it's not rabies. I think that's it.

Joe said...

Hope it's not giardia. Get well sis! Thanks for unexpected on loan birthday present! I'm excited to make use of it with Katie and Ki. Love you and see you in about two weeks!


Paul said...

I think what you really need is professor Lupin. If i know my harry potter correctly, he has a cure for these sorts of wolfe, and werewolf related illnesses. I hope you feel better!

p.s. remember to hydrate!

Thomas Simonetti said...

We got your letter a few days ago. It made my week. Hope you feel better JD.

Katie, I guess I can be considered your distant secretary now, since I have been fielding all of your calls on the work cell phone. "No this isn't Katie's phone anymore. This is Thomas. Katie is gone. Katie is not coming back."

I don't really say that. Hey, where I send a return letter?